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Family history can be a microscope on history as it happened. And the doing of it I believe can be the single best tool for teaching and learning “historical thinking”.

I studied American history in college and got the chance to learn from top folks in the field: Joseph Ellis,
Stephen B. Oates and Stephen Nissenbaum. Been a writer and editor and TV producer. Very stoked when I got to do research in the Smithsonian on presidential inaugural history; later during that project I got Ken Burns to write the intro for the book we were producing.

I’ve been doing my and others’ family tree and history researching since 1984; learned how from weekends at the Mormon research library in Mesa, AZ, and from reading a book called “The Source”. That book was the first mainstream tool put out by the organization that’s now Ancestry.com.

Here’s my blog about being a dad:
Fatherhood Poetic. (Only its name is pretentious. lol)


8 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Kylen,
    I didn’t think it was possible to bloviate more than Micheal Stanhope. Good Grief MAN! O and I1a is not Plantagenet DNA… If you would like to discuss Katharine Plantagenet’s family Email me back.


    1. Always fascinated to hear speculations about Plantagenet DNA. You sound quite sure. I mean, that seems odd since…no one yet knows with certainty what their Y-DNA sig was.


  2. Hi Kylen, I wanted to use one of your Plantagenet family tree charts on my website because it is so good. Can you email me to say this is ok. I will put a link to your blog of course. A.


  3. I’m an R-M269, B neg blood type, and a Warren.
    Is there a Plantagenet potential?
    I have some things to do and need help with some facts and DNA.
    can you help?


  4. OMG! Thank you!!
    I’m in Washington state, on beautiful Whidbey Island.
    I have a kit at FTDNA too.
    Where do we start?
    Thank you again! I’m really stuck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No way! I’ve been to Whidbey Island…when I was a kid for the total solar eclipse (~1976 or so?; didn’t see it due to clouds). Is it still primarily a Navy facility or suchlike? Anyway, I’ll send you a message from my email & we can go from there.

      Nice making your acquaintance,



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