More on Jefferson, before moving on


So in addition to linking you to the genuinely amazing and rich resources for studying him, his life and DM BOOKSthe world of his time and of slavery that are made available by Monticello (his home), I’m actually really making this post to gush about a TV show.

Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 5.43.21 PMI know, I know, a TV show? Really? Well it’s not so much a “show” as it was a mini-series. And it is partially about Jefferson. And it’s also one that aired, like, 8 years ago which I didn’t watch at the time because I was just starting the process of my divorce and had no TV, certainly not one with HBO.

I’m speaking, of course, about the HBO mini-series John Adams based on the celebrated biography written by one of our nation’s great and most accessible historians, David McCullough.


I was blown away in particular by the performance of the guy playing Jefferson. I was just like, oh my god, THAT is totally what he must have been like in the flesh. For now here are pix of that, too.





…and the funny part that I then went to look up who the actor was…only to find he’s now MUCH more widely known–including by me, but I didn’t recognize him doh!–as “Stannis Baratheon” in Game of Thrones. Lol.



More later, enjoy the pix and go fiind a a place to wach the mini-series. It’s absolutely great. Ignore the persnickety critiques you might find online, they didn’t get it.




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