Rocky History, The Temple Mount, Part 2


Here’s the finished image of the pattern recently unveiled ever-so-briefly in the cave known as the Well of Souls. (It’s pretty amateurish, because, well, I’m not a professional designer or artist, but it turned out ok. Please attribute if you grab or share this or the “cave w/ mosaics” image below. Thank you.)

TPATTERN IN CAVEhe Well of Souls is under the rock housed under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. See also my estimated overlay of this “main”, or larger mosaic, and the smaller one also shown in the frustratingly few pictures that were able to be taken during the recent extremely controversial re-carpeting of said cave (and of the Dome, generally).

To get a better idea of how these tile artworks appear in situ I superimposed the images I made on the schematic sketch drawn of the cave in 1864 by Brit Charles Wilson–the last time any systematic examinations were done that are known of (outside, perhaps, some inner sanctums of the Islamic world…which may be the only type of place more secretive than the infamous Secret Vatican Archives!)

10407967_10150534653799969_8854907936429704602_n Here, also are more of the pictures

that were taken in their brief moments of visibility. These and the ones previously posted are from the Facebook page of the Temple Mount Institute.


And here are images I found probably of some relevance: the first shows one of the patterns already visible and known that are elsewhere on the grounds of the Temple Mount, the second one of what to me appears to be a remarkably similar mosaic that happens to be on the grounds of the well known villa of Roman Emperor Hadrian.tile3

As to the former, it could mean the mosaics in the cave are as old as the Dome of the Rock (late 600s CE), or that they were made afterwards to mimic the color scheme etc of the ones outside the building.

Villa_Adriana_Opus_Sectile_Piccole_TermeAs to the latter, it’s known that Hadrian put down the Bar Kochba rebellion with particular ferocity, razing the city; he was the one who actually expelled the Jewish peoples from Israel; it was he who built a temple to himself and Jupiter on the site of their Temple (ie, precisely over the rock, where the Dome of the Rock now sits). In other words, does the similarity in color and scheme indicate that in fact these are from the era of Hadrian and that they thus represent full-blown intrusion into the Jewish holy space by the one figure in history so reviled by Jewry that any time his name is mentioned it is taught that it should be followed by “may his bones be crushed”???

With the Muslim authority based in Jordan (the Waqf) in charge and not allowing anyone to look at them or analyze them…we (those who read and have written this) literally may never know.


2 thoughts on “Rocky History, The Temple Mount, Part 2

  1. I’m grabbing your image of the pattern at the well of souls, and would love to attribute the image to you but no matter how thoroughly I search your site your name is nowhere to be found. I dug a little deeper into your fatherhood site and found one comment by someone referring to you as Kylen. That’s all I have to attribute your image to – “Kylen–the guy who runs the roots2now site on wordpress.” I hope this will suffice as an apt attribution.
    I am currently researching an idea for a piece of creative writing which has begun with tracing my own name back to its roots. Without having to spoil too much about my intended piece, suffice it to say it has led me down the path toward the well of souls. I intend to illustrate my piece with old woodcuts and engravings and illustrations which are currently in the public domain. Your pattern is really helpful toward visualizing what lies under the carpet beneath the Dome of the Rock. Thanks.


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