(When) History is Rocky: The Temple Mount


Last month hitherto undocumented tile mosaics, likely at least 1,000 years old were revealed on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, insider the Dome of the Rock as the floors were re-carpeted. Archaeologists were not allowed to examine them.10987502_10150534265289969_7491893255683814663_o

Not only was it an unethical thing to do for anyone of intellectual honesty, it was illegal. But here’s where it muddies: the workers who ripped up the old and lay the new carpet were Jordanian and the Israeli authorities approved their work visas knowing the work they’d be doing….and didn’t arrange for the involvement of the Antiquities Authorities.11016095_10150536599699969_3266574402964892098_n

Being that as it may, some pictures were taken and so tantalizingly revealed on the floor of the cave that exists beneath the titular rock of the Dome of the Rock. The rock where at one point sat the ark of the covenant of the Jewish Temples.

And here’s the in-progress version of the image I’m making to show the normalized “main” mosaic.



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