Teachin’ Tudors


The Tudors are ever popular, aren’t they, just?

My mom’s recently joined the many who’ve read the highly regarded historical novels by Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel that bring to life the exploits and lives (yet again…but from what I heard on NPR and then from my mom, very much worth it) of Ye Olde Tudors…and of course–at least in spirit and as far as bloodlines go–the last of Ye Olde Plantagenets, don’t’chya know.9781250024176_p0_v5_s260x420

Well it happens that her informing me of her getting so much enjoyment out of reading those books coincided with my nailing down our descent from some of those same folks; AND having put it all into pretty charts. Which I promised her months ago. (Really, you don’t want to know how many months ago! Yikes.) So at last, here is the chart.


Clicking on it should open it in another browser window. At the top of the picture you’ll see 4536 × 5264. That’s the link to the full, big honkin’ mama of an image so you can actually see it in detail. Please feel free to download it, which for some of you might be the easiest way to see the largest version. Attribute my authorship if you repost it. (Linking sure is an easy way to do that…)

Plantagenets, edward iii, henry viii family tree, James I, Tudor family tree, john of gaunt, henry VII, margaret beaufort, bloodiest dynasty, dan jones

I hope that this chart could be useful to anyone out there who is responsible for teaching anything related to the Tudors who ruled England for about a century and a half.



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