A Turn to Thee Wyffe’s…in Die Schweiz!


Ah yes. Spectacular, no?

COGLIO VAL 2 PASCALThis is the valley in southern Switzerland where my ex-wife’s mom’s maternal line originated. It’s thus the home of my kids’ mitochondrial-DNA (mT-DNA, handed down by mothers to all their children, but only passed on by tCoglio map 2heir daughters when they become mothers). So far I’ve only been able to push back the ancestor envelope on that side a generation, so from my kids that’s only 5 generations back.

However, based on what we know, it’s a safe bet the line was in the Vallemaggia, as the locale is known to residents, as well as to maps, tourists and anyone interested. We already knew that my wife’s great-grandmother was born in Switzerland. I began with that and in a step found and confirmed the village: Coglio. As the search thickened (as they do), I started COGLIO KATKAseeing lots of the same few family names in all the records: from those who came over (including in the locations, here) as well as in the European documentation. And I came to find that the families were long-established in this valley of the River Maggia. My kids’ great-great-grandma was a woman born in Nov 1878 in Coglio named Gemma La Franchi. And it seems like her mother was a lady born there in 1849 named Mariangela Pozzi.

You Want La Franchis? We got La Franchis!   GROTTO L 1

Turns out the Vallemaggia was thick with Pozzis and La Franchis, and there’s the pretty standard occurrence in places like that of cousins marrying every couple-few generations or so. A crazy proportion of people in the village and in the valley moved en massed to America between the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

For now, this post is to just share the beauty of the place. It could be that I’m  projecting a little bit, since, after all, this is the place, ultimately, from which two very special little eggs indeed hatched.

But come’on! Look at this place! It’s awesome!



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