Clarifying the Past (again…some more…;-)

OR, To my aunt, with love.

Above are pictures of my gr-gr-grandparents, Sven and Maria Kylen. They were from Sweden, born in the 1820s, and came to America in the late 1800s. These close-up shots are offered to clarify the identities of the people in the picture as those two, as a relative of mine and I had some possibly conflicting info. The original photograph made its way to my possession in one of those marvelous circuitous routes that one hears about all the time in genealogy: it had been sorted through about 40 or so years ago by my great aunt and aunt and then given to my uncle. The coincidental and symbolically charged passing of one life and birth of another led to my mom taking the time-honored but harrowing role of dealing with the stuff of a person’s life, during which this and some other similar artifacts of past lives ended up with us. Four years after that as we were moving homes, by which time I’d caught the genealogy bug, we found these pix. And since my name came from the man in this picture (an adopted surname he kept and passed on to, among others, his daughter Selma) it felt to me like kismet that it had found its way to my hands.

So here, lovingly scanned at some 300 dpi, are Sven and Maria for any and all to note: they lived here on Planet Earth. They founded no companies, received no degrees, published no known works, much like all of us, ever. But by god they were here. And so we are also, for without them… 😉

With love to all on easter, 2012.



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