Ode Part 3: Crazy Transitions

This now-three-part “ode” has been about the reflections and thoughts I’ve had following making a connection and becoming acquainted with a stranger who is a 4th cousin (once removed, if ya wanna be technical… 😉

Specifically: revoliving around the common ancestors this woman and I share, two of her 3rd-great and my 4th-great-grandparents. And I sort of used what appears to be a shared resemblence among our separate ancestors who were 1st cousins, which resemblence points to what one of our two shared ancestors might have looked like in the shape-&-setting-of-the-eyes department. Speculation, clearly, but there ya go.

We have that nice and amazingly well-preserved tombstone of the male half of that ancestral couple, Thomas Bilderback, but no such personalized physical memento for the female half, his wife Margaret, last name of Preston prior to marrying him.

Thus, the picture today shows the locations of her life’s journey as something by which to remember her. Indeed her movement — much like Thomas’s father many years earlier — made what seems to me like the rather major transition from living in the 140-year-old towns that clung to the actual eastern coast of the colonies to carrying on instead in the thickly wooded back-country way past most anything, of western PA. So she’s representative of the bleeding edge of the American frontier throughout that fascinating late colonial period. Here’s to you, grandma! (Er, great-great-great-great gradnma!)


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