42 … PEOPLE!

Forty-two people is about how many you’d find at a nice sized cocktail party; they’d all fit in one room, be able to see each other, talk with one another. It’s also the number of people from my kids and me and my mom and her dad and on that form the links of kids and parents back to good ole Chuckles, Charles the Great, Charlemagne.

And here’s the century-shrinking cocktail party, our family, which if you right-click to open in another tab or window depending on your own preference, you can then click again to enlarge and see in detail:


One thought on “42 … PEOPLE!

  1. I’m related to edward lll and many other royals and nobles I have a list of ancestors names handed down to me from my mom whose sister did geneology of their fathers side Alvin Dodge,and their mother Lesa Layton(Leighton).


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