WW I in the First Person

Inspired by this recent Veteran’s Day (last Friday, 11/11/2011) I’m leaning on the honorable accident of history that my mom’s dad was present in north-eastern France on the Western Front on 11/11/1918 at the moment of the cease-fire, or Armistice that ended the fighting of World War One, and which was commemorated very soon after as Armistice Day, and later (what with so many more wars) as our Veteran’s Day.

I’m posting some of the photographs and postcards he sent and/or brought back home with him that depict various details of what he experienced during the First World War. I’ve finally been digitizing these amazing pictures, and will post more (in the spirit of a work in progress)… or, to steal a line from many of my grampa’s letters to home during the war, I’ll be laying down the pictures in a rolling barrage… (he was on a howitzer crew in the field artillery. 😉

Here are the “best-of” as of 11/15/2011.

WARNING: some of the images are graphic, I’ve done what I could to clearly indicate which, but if you’re not into it, do what you gotta do.



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