Geneal Updates

There’s a whole to share on the family history front, so here’s sort of a quick fly-by:

DNA — I had my genome analyzed ( and the results are totally amazing. Informative and adding tons to my understanding of the very proteins that make me up (that make up all of us) and which I’ve been tracing in our family tree lo these many years by the names of the people who had and passed on their various genes. I’ve connected with relatives, some as distant as 9th cousin, some 4th cousins, and actually located our shared ancestors! I’ve learned that there are certain heart medications that I should absolutely never ever take. I’ve checked out the actual DNA sequences of crazy-specific genes I share with some of the folks I’ve met through this that, for instance, are the genes that govern things like how my platelets enact their blood coagulation actions; like genes that govern precisely how MY DNA unwinds during replication. That is WILD, man! More on this later…a lot more. Oh and of course I’ve learned my paternal and maternal DNA haplogroups, placing me and the genealogy work I and my aunt have done squarely in the tree of human history. Amazing.

GENEAL’Y VIRAL — I’ve been turning friends on to family tree discovering…

ONE who’s American-born dad
is all Mayflower’d and on whose
Philippines-born mom’s side we
just made crazy headway.



ONE who’s actually due a real-live-European hereditary title, learning of various lines going to the 1500s.

ONE whose gr-grandfather came from a region that’s been
continuously fought over btw Poland, Ukraine, Russia
and Belarus, whose last name seems to have been”changed” to an Americanized pronunciation of the name of the region.



ONE whose parental blend of 20th Century German & 19th Century Irish roots we’ve learned might have the upshot of how his great-grandfather’s death propelled his grandfather into the army, history and at last to the west Texas town of El Paso…



NEWS ON MY OWN TREE — Just the other night I found someone’s well-vetted work on a line that had stumped us for eons, that included pictures of the parents and some of the siblings of my gr-gr grandmother — a woman whose distinctive face was passed to her son, two granddaughters and great-granddaughter, almost identically each time. Crazy!




NICE BRANCHES — And finally, I have real nice-looking charts of some 3200-odd ancestors here, at MacFamilyTree…it’s the best software for this stuff. And soon I’ll post videos of the unbelievably amazing “Virtual”3d Family Tree that the software has (but that can’t yet be posted to their site).

More on all this over the next few days.

Remember, it’s all simply the roots that lead to who and what we are here, now.


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    1. Absolutely! If you respond to this message with your email address it won’t be “public”, and then I can email you and we can get into it. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.



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