Roots Pt.1

It’s long overdue that I offer a plainly stated announcement, for lack of a better word, that a) I’ve been back at work in the family tree garden — after literally about 15 years of inattention — and that b) there is so much I’ve learned, so much that demands to be shared, and it all goes so far beyond merely the informative relaying of more names among our ancestors being filled-in, that I’m just absolutely excited — bursting with exuberance.

Why? How? How, you might wonder, can family tree stuff get a person so excited? Or even excited at all, right?

Well! I’m glad I asked on your behalf! hee hee….

But seriously, I *am* that psyched to share all this with you, and among the things I’m so eager to show and tell you are precisely the thoughts that lead me to such jubilance. Since re-igniting my interest about two years ago I’ve mapped out a few new connections on my mom’s side, integrated the many invaluable and solid lines and bits of data from my indefatigable aunt’s work of the last several years; also gone from zero to 60 on my dad’s side, and through ancestors back on my mom’s side charted the details of the individuals who most likely unwittingly embodied and engendered the social and population changes of England and Europe in the 15 and 1600s that on the one hand led to the very settlement of America in the manner it occurred, and on the other unquestionably demonstrate the descent of contemporary mass European and American populations from at least one shared strand that in fact probably accounts for so many repeated multiples within all of our ancestral trees that it ain’t even funny.

I’m just sayin’!

So with that, as a favorite musical track of mine advises: “sit back, relax….” and happy reading!


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