Work Sample: Historical Section of Book


An American Journey –  Building a Bridge to the 21st Century: the 53rd Presidential Inauguration

Official Book of President Bill Clinton’s Second Inauguration

My role: Assistant Editor (see bottom for more info on the book)

President and Mrs. Clinton had specifically stated that the official commemorative book of his second US Presidential inauguration was to also provide historical context for the event. Since they approved my pitch for satisfying their request by dedicating the first 20 pages of the book to inaugural history, implementation of that plan also fell to me.

I undertook the historical research alone in the archives of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History under the guidance of topic curator Harry Rubenstein. I chose the artifacts to be photographed, oversaw, with Mr. Rubenstein, the photo shoot, and then advised our amazing book designer with the layouts to be approved directly by then-First Lady Clinton. I was also successful in my push to pepper certain photo spreads throughout the book with historical insets.

And thanks to sharing my alma mater with the affable documentary filmmaker Ken Burns I was able to entice him to contribute the foreword to the book, also seen below.

The book was produced by Epicenter Communications, a premier packager of photo-journalistic coffeetable books, founded in 1991 by a Time photojournalist. Epicenter has produced all of the inuagural books since Clinton’s first in 1993.

Company founders Matthew Naythons and Dawn Sheggeby edited the book, which was designed, as the link above indicated, by Alex Castro, a renowned Baltimore-based book and museum designer.


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